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Primary School:


1st and 2nd years of Primary school.


At 1st and 2nd Years of Primary School the children are trained to develop social, emotional, cognitive and motor skills.


Homework and Tuition

It is the policy of the school that all work should be completed in school under the supervision of the class teachers. Home works will be given only on holidays.

Curriculumn Followed - 

Language                             English, Hindi, Sanskrit

Other Subjects                  Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Art and Music, Dance & Physical Education


No final tests are conducted at this stage. After every topic a review is done, and the performance of the student is noted. The aim is to ensure that Students have understood the course work and do not resort to role learning. Thus, the students are continuously assessed and parents will get a detailed report at the end of every3rd month. Certificates and medals are awarded at the end of the year to the most promising students.


Middle School (Std. VI-VIII)

Curriculumn Followed -

Language                             English, Hindi, Sanskrit

Other Subjects                  Mathematics, Social Science, General Science & Physical Education, Art, Music & Dance

At this stage holistic education continues through trans- disciplinary skills. Enrichment classes, Remedial classes and Extra help classes will be conducted as per the needs of the students.

Subjects taught at the middle school level include English, Hindi, Maths, Science, and SST. G.K, Computer Science and Sanskrit as third language. At middle school level, homework is assigned on a daily basis. However, it is targeted and there is specific timetable to ensure that the child is not overburdened.



Formal test are conducted at this stage. The students are assessed through CCE i.e. continuous and comprehensive evaluation of the learners. Certificates and medals are awarded at the end of the year to the most promising students.


Curriculumn Followed -

Language                             English (001),     Hindi-A (002), Sanskrit (122)

Other Subjects                  Mathematics (041), Science with Practical (086), Social Science (087)

Internal Assessment      Work Experience (500), Physical & Health Education (502), Art Education (506)


School provides financial assistance to merit based deserving students for Std. IV-VIII.